Timmy Turner’s dad getting his revenge on Dinkleberg


One more commission for kaiaminalcrossing! @U@

Here’s just one of the things I’ve been up to lately~ I volunteer at my local animal shelter and we’ve been drowning in kittens! Today we were gathering a bunch of them to send off to the Humane Society since we’re only a smaller place x.x The last photo is an older kitty. He’s my favorite right now because of his droopy eyes. He’s a happy sweetheart so don’t worry! He’s a stray with no name so I naturally started calling him Droopy (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


ヒオウギ村 / hiougi town

since the little pop-up thing when you rollover blog names, I’ve been meaning to create a piece for this blog’s banner thing. finally got around to it, so here’s this, Mayor Bel sitting under the now fully grown town tree. uwu


A cute faceboard with Isabelle and Digby!




I love this! Definitely gonna make it. Download here


Tangy moved in a while ago. Is she part orange? o3o


sometimes ya just gotta eat a whole pizza


jorswaggy & his fav, fauna!!! 

my part of the art trade uvu